Embedded Ethics Lab

Artificial intelligence is likely to have a profound impact on our whole society. It raises deep ethical and legal questions. At CAIM, research, education and interactions with partners from clinics and industry are thus accompanied by ethical reflection. Related activities crystallize at the Embedded Ethics Lab, an integral part of CAIM.

The multidisciplinary Embedded Ethics Lab aims

  • to provide low-threshold ethical support to our researchers,
  • to facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion on the broader significance of AI,
  • to complement the natural science perspective on AI with viewpoints from the humanities,
  • to foster, and to contribute to, the public debate on AI.

Ethics Talks

To foster public dialogue into ethical challenges of AI applications in medicine, the CAIM Embedded Ethics Lab hosts Ethics Talks in regular intervals.

CAIM Ethics Talk 18 January 2024

Policy Talks

The transition of digital technology into political discourse follows certain rules and is essential for how society embraces technological advancements and their implementation. CAIM dedicates a Policy Talks series on these processes in spring 2024.

Survey on artificial intelligence in medicine

The Ethics Lab of the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (CAIM) collected voices from the public to learn about their perception of opportunities or risks associated to the use of artificial intelligence in medicine. The results will flow back into the center’s research activities.

Read the analysis of responses...

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Who we are

The Embedded Ethics Lab is comprised of experts from medical ethics, philosophy of science, policy and legal fields:

Ethics Lab Members