Meet our researchers and AI in Medicine experts in this section!

This  non-exhaustive selection is intended to give you an insight into our work.


Maxime Baud, Neurology, Inselspital

Maxime Baud is an epileptologist leading presurgical investigations at the University Hospital of Bern. As head of a research group on the mechanisms of epilepsy he plans to forecast days at higher risk for seizures. He also contributes to developing next-generation devices for neurology with the Wyss Center for bio- and neuroengineering in Geneva.

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Serife Seda Kucur, ARTORG Center, University of Bern

Serife Seda Kucur specializes on using AI technology to revolutionize glaucoma care across the world. Via her startup PeriVision, she wants to improve monitoring of the eye condition that leads to blindness. Her technology solution is housed in commonly available VR goggles.


Mihai Petrovici, Physiology, University of Bern

"Neurons have the ability to look into the future", says Mihai Petrovici, who develops AI systems for neuromorphic chips and contributes to the Human Brain Project. With his team has developed a new theory to explain rapid and efficient signal transmission in the brain in spite of slow neurons.


Claudio Bassetti, University of Bern & Inselspital

The Corona pandemic has made us more aware of the importance of digitalization in medicine, says Claudio Bassetti, Dean of the University of Bern Medical Faculty. He sees opportunities for better patient care through AI technology and gives an example from his specialty neurology.

Researcher Portrait

Claus Beisbart, Philosophy, University of Bern

What is explainable AI and how can it help us to trust machine learning applications? Claus Beisbart is a Philosopher of Science and a Physicist. As part of the CAIM Embedded Ethics Lab he provide support to researchers to be aware of and tackle the ethical challenges raised by AI.


Rouven Porz, Medical Ethics, Inselspital

Why do I trust my smartphone but not AI with my health? Rouven Porz is medical ethicist at the Inselspital, Insel Gruppe. He promotes ethical discussion about the challenges and opportunities of AI in healthcare at the CAIM Embedded Ethics Lab.

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Kuangyu Shi, Nuclear Medicine, Inselspital

For Prof. Kuangyu Shi, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Translational Theranostics, AI is teamwork between computer scientists and clinicians. In this portrait, he takes us on a journey into Deep Learning for computer-aided diagnosis and for radionuclide therapy optimization Bern’s University Hospital.

Researcher Portrait

Stefan Klöppel, Bern University Psychiatry Services

Meet Prof. Stefan Klöppel, Head of the University Hospital of Old Age Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. He sees potential in sensor technologies to improve the care of psychiatric in-patients. In this context, he has started a collaboration with the ARTORG Center, University of Bern.


Raphael Sznitman, ARTORG Center, University of Bern

On the eve of the CAIM Opening, CAIM Director Prof. Raphael Sznitman, who heads the AI in Medical Imaging lab at thee ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, tells us why he chases sparks and grit to make AI succeed in healthcare.