What we stand for

New main building, campus of Inselspital, Bern University Hospital (Photo: Insel Gruppe AG)
Campus Inselspital, Bern University Hospital (Insel Gruppe AG)

Artificial Intelligence is not an end in itself. At CAIM, it is a means to make medicine better. That is why we work closely in interdisciplinary teams to solve unmet clinical challenges in the ER, in the treatment room, on the ward, or in the longer-term monitoring of patients with chronic conditions.

Tackling problems where needed

Together, our teams of clinicians and engineers, research and develop AI technologies from a clinical perspective, tackling unmet needs where they arise and providing AI solutions that contribute real added value and have passed clinical rigor testing.

Tailor-made solutions for physicians and patients

We put patient benefit first and aim to support personalized treatment approaches that are tailored to individual patient needs. Educating the next generation of digital medicine experts, we provide meaningful smart data-driven tools that enable healthcare providers to afford each patient the treatment and time they need.

Unlocking the power of data

Our innovations aim at bringing meaning to the ever increasing flood of health data to push the boundaries of what is possible in treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention. This helps clinicians unearth, read, and interpret data in new ways for future therapeutic approaches.

Better healthcare access and quality of life

At CAIM, we strive to improve access to care and enhance patients' lives through the targeted use of digital and smart technologies. We actively shape the digital healthcare transformation by strengthening research, education, and translation at the interface of technology and healthcare to develop the medicine of the future.