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Events 2022

Computer Vision Group Open Seminar (22 December 2022)

Advanced Diffusion Models: Accelerated Sampling, Smooth Diffusion, and 3D Shape Generation

Karsten Kreis, NVIDIA’s Toronto AI Lab

online meeting at 17:30h (Zoom)

CAIM Research Symposium (24 November 2022)

8.30-13.30h, Kuppelsaal, Universität Bern, Hochschulstrasse 4

Updates on the CAIM funded research projects
Invited keynotes on AI for medicine chances and challenges
Meet our Executive team, our ethics specialists and the people behind our initiative DAIM and network!

Bern Data Science Initiative: Digital Humanities (31 October 2022)

Biased Data, Models, and Algorithms. Perspectives from Data Science

Data Science and especially machine learning technologies require massive amounts of data in order to produce stable and reliable models. At the same time, researchers and public advocates pointed for several years to problems embedded in data. Be it as unbalanced data sets and highly problematic representations of culture or society. The event brings together critical approaches and high-end data science applications. We want to discuss how we can cope with the challenges of data-hungry algorithms in a society aware of collection and representation shortcomings.

DAIM Lunch Talk (18 October 2022)

Lisa Koch, Machine Learning for Medical Diagnostics, University of Tübingen

Lunchtime event in hybrid mode with machine learning expert Dr. Lisa Koch, who will present approaches "Towards Safe and Effective Medical Image Analysis Systems".

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AI Online Symposium (13 October 2022)

Imaging AI in the Wild: How to Handle Data Heterogeneity

In the last five years, the enormous potential of computer vision and artificial intelligence for medical imaging has become clear. Fears that radiologists will be replaced have given way to hopes that intelligent tools can assist the imaging physician, bringing patient benefit and reducing the burden of increasing imaging volumes.

MADIMA 2022 (10-14 October 2022)

7th International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management

Jointly organized by the University of Bern (CAIM), the University of Catania, Italy and ECM Tokyo. Multimedia, machine learning & mobile information and communication technologies to monitor dietary behavior, analyze food intake, identify eating patterns, and provide feedback to the user towards healthier nutrition.

CLINICCAI 2022 (18 - 22 September 2022)

2nd Conference on Clinical Translation of Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention

Part of MICCAI 2022 in Singapore

Prof. Inti Zlobec will be on-site as a joint keynote speaker during MICCAI & CLINICCAI conference.
"Tissue Medicine Goes Digital" on Tuesday, 20 Sept in Singapore

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CAIM at Uni Bern Researchers’ Night (10 September 2022)

Our Center will present itself to the broader public with an interactive discovery trip of what Artificial Intelligence means and does and how it is applied today (and tomorrow) in healthcare.

34th European Congress of Pathology (3 - 7 September 2022)

The Art of Next Generation Pathology

including a keynote by CAIM Executive Member Prof. Inti Zlobec "2022: A Digital Pathology Odyssey" and an input talk by CAIM Ethics lab member Rouven Porz "Ethics of AI in Pathology"

TUM - Medical Decision Support (24 June 2022)

AI for Doctors

Interdisciplinary workshop by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) specifically tailored to medical professionals.

After an introduction on best practices and pitfalls, talks on Explainable AI (Mauricio Reyes, CAIM), pathology, neuroradiology, opthalmology, dermatology as well as keynote by Ben Glocker (Imperial College London).

Program and registraton

CAIM at AI Med Summit (24 - 26 May 2022)

Just a year old, CAIM was nominated as 'Best Hospital/ Institution of the Year' at the Ai Med Summit 2022. Our center was honored to present our activities to renowned AI research institutions and industry from around the world in San Francisco, USA.

Launch DAIM Initiative (13 May 2022)

Start of the new initiative to foster diversity and inclusion in AI for medicine at CAIM

12.30 - 13.50h 
Hybrid Event
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research

More information and registration

2nd Bern Data Science Day (6 May 2022)

Data Science, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence in Research

The second Bern Data Science Day is a conference on applied Data Science by the Bern Data Science Initiative with data scientists from the University of Bern, the Bern University Hospital, sitem-insel and the University Psychiatry Services (UPD). Registration and call for abstracts are open.

Computer Vision Group Open Seminar (8 April 2022)

Tuning Large Neural Networks via Zero-Shot Hyperparameter Transfer

Greg Yang, Microsoft Research

hybrid meeting at 14:30h (Zoom & Institute of Informatics, UniBE)

3rd Swiss Tele Emergency Medicine Congress (30 March 2022)

Virtual Event on Tele Emergency Medicine & Digital Health

30 March 2022, 13.30h-17.30h
featuring blocks on education and training and on future perspectives in German and English
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Brainweek Bern (by Clinical Neuroscience Bern, 14 - 17 March 2022)

Focus on: Consciousness

Presentations on "A Neurological Perspective on Consciousness" (Prof. Dr. med. Frédéric Zubler), "Philosophical Zombies" (Prof. Dr. Vera Hoffmann-Kolss), "Remembering" (Prof. Katharina Henke) and "Psychedelics" (PD Dr. Katrin Preller). Film screening on locked-in-syndrome "Le scaphandre et le papillon"

Computer Vision Group Open Seminar (11 March 2022)

Are Large-scale Datasets Necessary for Self-Supervised Pre-training?

Alaa El-Nouby, Meta AI Research and Inria Paris

15:30h, Zoom

Computer Vision Group Open Seminar (10 February 2022)

Tackling the Generative Learning Trilemma with Accelerated Diffusion Models

Arash Vahdat from NVIDIA Research

17:30h, Zoom

Swiss Consortium for Digital Pathology (03 February 2022)

1st Joint Symposium on Digital Pathology and AI, DACH Region

3 February 2022, 9.00-17.15h

Current activities Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Highlight and short talks Digital Pathology
Best Practices & Future Discussion

Program and registration

CAIM Ethics Talks 2021/22 (19 January 2022)

High Hopes for Deep Learning?

Prof. Robert Sparrow, Ph.D., Monash University

Prof. Dr. Dr. Claus Beisbart, University of Bern

Last talk of the series on 19 January 2022, from 12.15-13.00h.

Computer Vision Group Open Seminar (14 January 2022)

Tackling the Challenge of Uncertainty Estimation and Robustness to Distributional Shift in Real-World applications

Andrey Malinin from Yandex Research

14:30h, Zoom