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University of Bern's First AI in Medicine Graduates 


Our first graduates, from left to right: Yanis Schärer, Chris Rüttiman, Tim Graf and Raphael Joost

On March 9th, the graduation ceremony took place at the University of Bern.  

We are proud to announce the graduation of our first four students from the master’s program in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (MSc AIM). They showed enthusiasm and commitment since the beginning of their studies, and this is reflected in the projects they have undertaken as part of their master’s theses.  

They have applied machine learning and deep learning techniques to various applications. These include the development of tools for viewing Whole Slide Images in Pathology, the detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Infrared Fundus Images in Ophthalmology, the denoising of Monte Carlo dose distributions for Radiation Therapy, and the analysis of Fluorescence Flow Cytometry data for fast assessment of urine samples. 

Let us congratulate them for this significant achievement! 

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