Master's Theses

Your Thesis

In order to begin the development of your master thesis, you must have already accumulated 80 ECTS credits from your courses.

During the last six months of your studies, you must dedicate your time and effort to working on your thesis. This period, encompassing 30 ECTS credits, is crucial for conducting research and crafting your thesis document. 

As an enrolled student in the master's program "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine", you can access all the resources and guidance in the "AIM Master's Thesis" course on the university’s E-learning platform ILIAS. Here, you will find current project proposals, past thesis projects for reference, and essential information about the application process. 

Before graduation, all students must present their thesis projects. 

Master's Thesis Presentations

You are cordially invited to participate in the presentations:

13 August 2024, 13h

Murtenstrasse 50, F502, Bern, 3008​

Marta Colmenar Herrera presents "Advancing Glaucoma Progression Prediction with Machine Learning Models"


02 September 2024, 16h

DBMR, Murtenstrasse 35, Seminar Room H810

Jihui Yu presents "Machine Learning Made Easy (MLme) 2.0: Enhancing Analytical Capability with Regression Analysis"

12 September 2024, 10h

Raum 138/135a Sahli Haus 1

Vizenz Uhr presents "Adding and removing multiple sclerosis lesions with diffusion networks"