Unfortunately no. The master's program Artificial Intelligence in Medicine is designed for graduates students with a degree in Biomedicine/Biomedical Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.

In accordance with the guidelines of the legal department of the University of Bern, applicants with a foreign educational background must present a language test certificate at level C1 namely to Cambridge certificate, a valid TOEFL or IELTS test. The test must not be older than two years at the time of application.

Yes, you need to.

Most of our students study full-time and work at the same time. We support them and organize mandatory courses on three days of the week only.

Our 12 different research groups at the ARTORG Center offer part-time jobs to excellent students. If you are interested please contact us after you have been accepted into our master's program.

There are options for replacing courses or reducing ECTS but this is always subject to examination and decision of the admission comission.