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DAIM Lunch Talk

with Dr. Lisa Falco, Lead Consultant for AI & Data at Zühlke

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When:  26 June 2023, 12.00-13.10h
Where: ARTORG Center, Murtenstrasse 50, F 502 & online

CAIM is thrilled to host Lisa Falco, consultant in AI for Health, book author and FemTech developer for a DAIM Lunch Talk!

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Responsible AI: The Key to Ethical, Safe and Inclusive Software Development


The development of AI, in particular generative AI, has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of society, but it also poses significant ethical and societal challenges. Responsible AI refers to the development and use of AI in a manner that is ethical, transparent, and accountable, and is crucial to ensure that the potential benefits of AI are realized while minimizing negative consequences.

In her talk, Lisa Falco will present frameworks and advice to develop ethical and interpretable AI. The frameworks are based on a long experience of developing machine learning applications within the medically regulated field. They cover multiple layers of the development process - the data, the model, and the human interaction. These are hands-on frameworks that clearly indicate which considerations are needed at every phase of the implementation and distributes roles and responsibilities.



Lisa Falco, PhD, is Lead Consultant for AI & Data at Zühlke. She has 15+ years of industry experience in machine learning for healthcare and has led the development of two AI based medical device products, that were brought to market under regulatory requirements. She combines a solid know-how in machine learning and AI with wearables, medical imaging and a passion for building user centric products, especially within the domain of healthcare and MedTech. She is the author of “Go Figure! The astonishing science of the female body”, an advocate for women’s health and active in the FemTech community.